About us

The Maternity House has been in a good relation with member of different social provider and signal systems since the beginnings of its functioning. Mainly members of health visiting, family supporting and child care services are partners to help us get information about clients, and that the families can enlist in institutional care. They inform mothers in a crisis situation about the possibilities given by the Maternity House and mostly they prepare the environmental survey needed to get in. More co-workers of family supporting and child care services have already visited us.

We have a close connection to health visitors, they have helped our work since the opening, the health visitor in our institution often asks her colleges for information and keeps in touch with them.

Our connections with temporary homes of other families help us to direct mothers whom we cannot give place at that moment or who are forced to flee from the harassment of their partners.

Our relations are diverse: Reformed communities, Reformed women’s associations, Reformed schools, our foreign supporters and private people. We continuously help each other with Reformed institutions and share our received donations.

During our work so far those interested in it could get known the Maternity House, we are open to new relations and are happy to meet those who want to help.


Programs implemented within the framework of ESF support.

Cross-border professional cooperation in the field of child and youth protection.

2016.12.08 14:04

Civilians’ Christmas event

On 09 December 2011, we took part in the event Civilians’ Christmas that was held on the terrace Szinva, where the Foundation for the Maternity Home had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

2016.12.08 14:01

The book „Szilánkok” (Fragments ) was released

It is a throat tightening experience to read this book. Each story begins as a story of an ordinary life, and then something terrible crawls into all of them. Something unnatural in nature, some distorted chord in the divine symphony. Each story is sad, thought-provoking and moving at the same time.

2016.12.08 14:01