After more years of preparation the Charity Service Department of the Synod of the Reformed Church created the Pro Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed Maternity House Foundation in 1995.

The main goal of the Foundation is to offer temporary help to expectant mothers who have been put at a disadvantage or who have been forced to escape from their home for any reason. The Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed Maternity house opened its doors among the first of such houses in the country and as first in B.A.Z. county in 1996. It has offered help more hundreds of residents put at a disadvantage during its years of functioning.

The Foundation is now the main supporter of the Maternity House. The real estate owned by it ensures the place and home for 30 people – mothers and children – being able to live according to European norms under calm circumstances. The house is also the headquarter of the Foundation.

The place needed for the functioning of the Maternity House is granted by the Foundation. A major part of donations from Hungary and abroad is handed out to the residents of the House. These donations are mostly in kind, clothes, textile, children’s furniture and toys.  The foundation obtains material sources for this sponsorship with the help of Hungarian and foreign donators and tenders.

In the past years the Foundation and its representatives have been looking for possibilities that provide a solution for mothers who cannot solve their housing problems not only in short terms.

In 2004 the Pro Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed Maternity House Foundation – after a long period of preparation and search for material sources – bought a real estate that was a start for the Half-way Program. It tries to give a chance to mothers who are in a long term crisis and are not able to solve their problem even after the time spent in the Maternity House, however, they are capable of independent living, though their material situation will not allow them to move into an apartment.

One more house was bought in March 2006. The Foundation can presently ensure home for 4 families in 2 apartments.

A foreign aid organization that has been helping the work of the Foundation for years provided material circumstances for the plans to be realized. Besides buying real estates the Foundation provided equipment through tenders and with the help of donators. The Foundation presently sees the supporting of the Half-way Program and the Maternity House as its main task.

Our wish is that as a result of our work we could help more and more mothers and their children and give them the possibility to start over.