Programs implemented within the framework of ESF support.

  • 2016.12.08 14:04

Cross-border professional cooperation in the field of child and youth protection.

Civilians’ Christmas event

  • 2016.12.08 14:01

On 09 December 2011, we took part in the event Civilians’ Christmas that was held on the terrace Szinva, where the Foundation for the Maternity Home had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

May 2010

  • 2016.12.08 13:45

We organized a four-day conference in Berekfürdő.

April 2010

  • 2016.12.08 13:44

The Foundation promoted its cross-border program at the 2nd Carpathian Conference organised in Berekfürdő, we could discuss with our partners where and when to hold the four-day long conference. Since last year the Berekfürdő Reconciliation House proved to be the most appropriate venue regarding both the approach of the location and the price, we started to organize the conference there.

February 2010

  • 2016.12.08 12:46

Our visit, when the Foundation Sámuel hosted us and other organizations, partners in Balazher, Ukraine.