Half-way Program

As the Maternity House, which is supported by the Foundation the most, can only provide those in need  temporary help, the question arose how families who after having spent the resident time still cannot solve their housing could be helped. Families who do not have any relatives or friends and they do not have the necessary material means can stay in the system. The Foundation had been looking for a solution for this problem for years. The idea to buy a real estate and make it available for one or more families seemed to be an acceptable solution, at the same time there was a lack of necessary material background. However, the plan could be realized with the help of our foreign sponsors, thus the Half-way Program could be started.

This program tries to give a chance to mothers who are in a long term crisis and are not able to solve their problem even after the time spent in the Maternity House, however, they are capable of independent living, though their material situation will not allow them to move into an apartment.

We can provide four families a place to live in the houses owned by the Foundation and it is a significant material help that they do not have to pay a rent. It was in 2004 that the Policy and Contract between the first residents and the Foundation was created, thus the appropriate and for both sides favorable circumstances were defined. The Foundation takes over the costs of the community fee of the flats, the insurance, renovation, and maintenance fees as well. The residents of the Half-way flats can go on with their savings, and in this temporary period they have the possibility to solve their problems not only with help, but improving their own problem solving abilities. The helping role of the Foundation in the Maternity House is also inevitable in the Half-way Program as the experience gained in the institute and the knowledge about the residents makes our work significantly easier. The flats are near the Maternity House, thus the children do not have to change school and can stay with their previous circle of acquaintances.  Their healthcare or possible recurring therapy (speech therapy, psychological therapy) can also be continued at the same place. At present families taking part in the program can save some money besides their monthly fees as they are continuously employed.

According to out experiences such help is much needed, our Program is continuous. The Foundation pays continuously attention to the operation of the Half-way Program.