The book „Szilánkok” (Fragments ) was released

  • 2016.12.08 14:01

Instead of Conclusion

It is a throat tightening experience to read this book. Each story begins as a story of an ordinary life, and then something terrible crawls into all of them. Something unnatural in nature, some distorted chord in the divine symphony. Each story is sad, thought-provoking and moving at the same time.

It saddens me because that , I am quoting: "my husband kidnapped my daughter ... she was beaten because she did not believe that I had died"

It is food for thought, that a mother’s mouth can pronounce that there is no place for her daughter in her life.

Because a homeless man helps an escaping mother, but we go on!

"I was awake at nights, did not dare to close my eyes either. On Tuesday night, at around dawn, a homeless man came up to us and gave two jumpers from itself to cover the children sleeping on my lap, and gave us some fried dough to eat. I will never forget that man and the night. Apart from him, no one noticed that I was sitting on a bench with the children late at night and why were we there at night? "

It moves me, that there is a place where broken souls find solace where they get help and can recover again.